Soft Tissue Lasers

Gum Contouring in Washington, DC

Many struggle with excess gum tissue, also known as a “gummy smile,” which can be caused by genetics, certain medications, or poor oral health. Unfortunately, excess gum tissue can affect one’s confidence and even impact their overall quality of life. But fear not! There is a safe and effective solution available – gum contouring. Dr. Marla Yee of Love Dental Studio applies soft tissue lasers to precisely reshape excessive gum tissue to reveal a balanced, confident smile.

Gums Frame a Stunning Smile

Healthy gums form the foundational landscape for a stunning smile, playing a critical role not just in dental health but in aesthetics as well. Balanced gums naturally contour the teeth, framing them perfectly. This symmetry and proportionality are essential for what is often perceived as a radiant, attractive smile.

Conversely, inflamed or receding gums can detract from the teeth’s appearance, no matter how straight or white they are. Fortunately, Dr. Yee offers laser gum contouring to transform gummy smiles.

Gum Contouring Expectations

While maintaining gum health through proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups is crucial for preserving your smile’s integrity, a little gum contouring can go a long way. Laser gum contouring is a gentle procedure that reshapes the gum line using advanced laser technology, which delicately sculpts the gums to create a more balanced and appealing smile. 

This minimally invasive approach is known for its precision and comfort, significantly reducing discomfort and healing time compared to traditional methods. Our soft tissue lasers not only eradicate excess gum tissue but also help seal blood vessels, promoting faster healing and minimizing bleeding.

Balance with Soft Tissue Lasers

 The advantages of bone grafting go beyond just creating necessary support. It is a versatile procedure that promotes bone growth and regeneration, helping to restore structural integrity and stability. Additionally, bone grafting can enhance the success of dental implants, improve overall oral health, and provide a solid foundation for prosthetic devices. By stimulating new bone formation, this innovative technique promotes long-term dental health and enhances the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

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