Single Unit Dental Implants

Single Unit Dental Implants in Washington, DC

A single-unit dental implant is a state-of-the-art restorative procedure designed to replace a missing tooth without affecting neighboring teeth. Crafted to mimic the strength and appearance of natural teeth, these implants integrate seamlessly into your smile.

At Love Dental Studio, Dr. Marla Yee understands that every smile is unique, and losing even a single tooth can impact your confidence and quality of life. That’s why we offer compassionate, individualized care through single-unit dental implants – a durable, natural-looking solution that stands the test of time.

Optimal Tooth Replacement

Single-unit dental implants are a transformative solution for individuals seeking to restore not just the function of missing teeth but also to reclaim the confidence that comes with a complete and radiant smile. People opt for these implants because they offer a permanent, sturdy base that mimics the natural tooth root, allowing for a restoration that feels and operates like a natural tooth. They are chosen for their unmatched durability and the convenience they offer over alternatives like bridges or dentures, providing a solution that doesn’t compromise the health of adjacent teeth.

Single Unit Dental Implants: Reliable, Natural-Looking, & Time-Tested

Embarking on the path to restoring your smile with a single-unit dental implant is a decision we honor with respect and empathy, and we begin by understanding your story and dental needs. During the consultation, we discuss your medical history, conduct an oral examination, and use advanced imaging techniques to create a personalized treatment plan.

Before implant placement, we ensure optimal oral health. This may include procedures like bone grafting to provide a strong foundation. On the day of surgery, our skilled team creates a serene environment. With your consent, we gently place the titanium implant post into the jawbone, simulating the lost tooth root. During the healing phase, the implant bonds with the jawbone in a natural process called osseointegration. We offer support and guidance throughout this period.

Once healing is complete, we attach a small connector post called an abutment, which securely holds your new tooth. The final step is creating and attaching a custom-made crown that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Benefits of a Single-Unit Dental Implant

Single-unit dental implants stand at the forefront of dental restorative technology, offering superior benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. The primary advantage lies in their design, which targets the restoration of both form and function, but they also have other benefits that are valuable in daily life.

Smile Preservation

Single-unit dental implants prevent adjacent teeth from shifting and preserve the integrity of the jawbone, ensuring that your overall oral health remains intact.


Generally, dental implants are cared for like natural teeth, with routine brushing, flossing, and dental appointments.

No Dietary Restrictions

Enjoy your favorite foods without the limitations often imposed by alternative dental solutions.

Begin Your Dental Implant Journey

At Love Dental Studio, we are more than a dental office; we are a haven of supportive care where your well-being is our mission. Trust Dr. Yee’s expertise to guide you toward reclaiming a beautifully unique smile and learn more about single-unit dental implants in Washington, DC.

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